Rampage/Raider Pumpgrip – designed by Rainbow




Often bought for their mags only, the Rampage/Raider are widespread, cheap to get, and with their sideloading, pump action mechanic and the 40cm tactical rail on top  they have the potential for some unique builds.

We designed a TON of stuff for those. Some parts are purely cosmetic, some completely change the way the blaster works.


This Pumpgrip is massive and ergonomically fits hands large and small, oh, and it looks badass if we may say so. it is simply screwed on, you don’t even need to open the blaster.

Works on stock Rampages, modded Rampages, Raiders, Inline mods…


Designed for our R.I.C.K. kits, sold separately. You can get the digital print file in our R.I.C.K. kits.

Additional information

Trigger/Grip closer

yes, no

Pump Grip

Yes, No

Top Rail

Mk.I without Rails, Mk.I with printed rails, None

Front part

Mk.I barreladapter 3/4", Mk.I barreladapter 16mm (Inline), none

Slamfire disabler

Yes, No


Black, gunmetal, orange, blue, red, teal (for wood optics)


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