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The Rampage Inline Clip Shotgun Kit Mk1 transforms your NERF Rampage into a breech loading inline clip blaster. You will reload this mod through the jamdoor to give you the real shotgun feel.

Product Information

This is not a performance mod but a cosmetic mod!

It adds the coolness factor to your Rampage! Ideal for LARPers and Cosplayers as well as the Nerfer who knows that style points matter.

 This kit will require some modification to the blaster and therefore some tools and skills to install. To make it easier, we have two in-depth installation videos for you:

Internal parts installation: https://youtu.be/RTt3ZAjSY_E

Body kit installation: https://youtu.be/wTdrRjC0wfM


To complete this build you will need additional hardware:
– 2x 15×1,5mm O-rings
– KS140 (17/32) & KS141 (9/16) brass
– 16x1mm PVC
– super glue and possibly tape
– 16x M3 nuts flat
– M3 countersunk screws (6x10mm, 4x12mm, 4x16mm & 2x20mm)
– M2,5 x25mm countersunk screw (recommended)

The total amount of screws may vary depending on which parts you decide to use.
The length for the 16mm PVC inline clip barrel will depend on your liking. Longer barrel means more darts but less performance.
The amount of brass will depend on your way of building an inline clip.

For this kit to work you will have to know how to build and inline clip and build one yourself. This is designed for a brass inline clip that goes into the 16mm pvc pipe. Please watch the videos for reference.


Warning: This kit will change the appearance of your blaster to look more like a real weapon. When installing the kit make sure to add necessary precaution (orange tip etc.) according to your local laws and use responsibly.

Additional information

Shell Holder

9 Longarts, 18 short darts, 4 12 Gauge Shells (incl. decommissioned shells)


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