Micro-Flywheels “Cabanossi Milano” by FetteWorst – compatible with FTW blasters


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These flywheels are machined from POM, dyed pink because apparently some of you people want flywheels to be colourful, with holes to make them lighter.

Cabanossi Milano are slightly smaller than the regular Cabanossi to make them 100% compatible with FTW-designed ecosystems and FTW has acknowledged their existence.

Made in Germany by Fetteworst, a valued member of the German blasted.de community.


Why do I sell Cabanossi Milano and not FTW?

Honestly, both are great, so get the one you like. I personally chose to work with FetteWorst because he’s from my community and I know his wheels are also top quality, and I don’t see the point in stocking two kinds.


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