FSK – Flatten Styfe Kit FILES ONLY



What’s that? A STRYFE MOD? I never saw any of THOSE before…

The FSK is nothing wild. That’s the point. It is a kit that can be used as a basis for a lot of mods and is the favourite of my good friend Jefe.

It includes

-a main trigger

-a magnetic jam door with a dart guide to prevent jams  (if the cage has a dart guide you can simply leave it out) Optional tactical rail can be screwed on top.

-a bottom piece for the grip to hide the sling point

-a modular Front piece that is slimmer than the usual mod and has the options to mount either a standard nerf nozzle, one of two standard airsoft aluminium handguards or no nozzle at all.

-gap closers for both sides that screw into the front piece, with the option of adding a faux picatinny piece on the right side for a more symmetrical look.

-Rail Raiser in either 1° or 2°


Additional information

colour 1

black, gunmetal, blue, orange, red


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