CEDA Tacticool overhaul

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Turn your CEDA into a LARP prop!


The CEDA is an interesting blaster for modifications and competitive blasting, but the square front is an eyesore, the siderail boreholes are incompatible with Worker rails. but a few changes to that can change the whole appearance into a tacticool powerhouse!

I designed a front part where you can switch the sight between a lower style and the iconic triangular design made famous by the M-16. The pump grip can also be replaced by a sleek, sturdier design that holds a 10cm picatinny-style bottom rail (worker compatible) for all your favourite tacticool foregrip, and for a bonus the trigger grip can also get a makeover to an AR-15-ish design.

Additional information


No Front, Lower sight, Triangular sight, both sights


No Pumpgrip, Pumpgrip ready for Worker, Pumpgrip incl. 10cm printed rail


No Siderails, 13cm Siderails (printed)

Trigger grip

No Trigger grip, Trigger Grip (PLA), TRigger Grip(Resin)


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