C226 Skyline


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A licensed derivative of the famed concept pistol by DevilZModworks’ “concept pistol”, this semi auto microwheel blaster features a trigger operated blowback sled and a Talon compatible grip mag that holds seven short darts. it needs a small lipo (75 x 30 x 17mm is proven to work). Oh, did I mention it has a mechanical safety switch?

For the grip inserts you either get printed inserts, or – like shown above – you can have laser engraved wood. Got your own logo? If the laser can do it, we can make it happen!


This kit includes all printed parts including 1 magazine, partly assembled with heat inserts sunk in and all necessary screws, a pin and two recoil springs. Does NOT include ┬┤motors, flywheels or electronics. Flywheel cage is FTW compatible, Cabanossi Milano by Fettworst can be purchased in my shop. Takes 130 and 132 motors, my F2S 132 motors sold separately.


Colour schemes: colour 1 is grey in this picture, colour 2 is red. If you want other colour distributions contact me.

NOTE: This blaster is made to order, so expect 2 weeks production time. I’m open to individual colour schemes or whatever.


Additional information

Grip inserts

3D print, laser cut plywood

colour 1

black, gunmetal, blue, orange, red

colour 2

orange, black, gunmetal, blue, red


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